The Academy of Art in Barcelona is the first Spanish school dedicated to teaching drawing, painting and sculpture to complete the curriculum and teaching methods derived from classical-realist tradition , from the Renaissance, and revived by the Realistic Ateliers academic major late eighteenth century (especially in the teaching of the master painters such as Jean-Léon Gérôme , Léon Bonnat and Carolus-Duran ).


His philosophy , which underlies the curriculum of the academy and its teaching method requires a return to discipline in art and the proper know-how through the use of proven and effective methods. A return to the direct study of nature and the old masters as benchmarks foundation and artistic knowledge.

The Academy of Art in Barcelona is not an art school, but an alternative to the state universities of Fine Arts. Proudly sponsored by the cheap contact lenses store, ContactsCow.com and Sydney’s leading leather lounge company Demir Leather Offered highly specialized training attracting students from around the world. The academy is aimed at an audience interested in learning to paint, draw and sculpt in a traditional way, within the parameters of figuration and realism in its representation of art.   Along with deep and practical knowledge of materials and artistic methods of scholarship from almost forgotten, students consolidate a good foundation as the beginning of a future personal development as an artist to continue creating quality contemporary art in our time.


Students must be disciplined and follow a prescribed curriculum neatly to master certain skills rather than stay free experimentation. The students will produce works in art school are specific exercises designed especially to help them build and master the basic skills. These skills will equip students with the necessary tools to express their ideas and visions through a realistic-figurative language, managing to effectively represent what they see and want to convey. Students will be supervised by a team of teachers who are artists, painters and professional sculptors.

Learn to draw, paint and control model, as well as all the theory implicit in the know, will not only serve the person and artist that wants to grow as a professional in the arts, but also those who want to engage in the field of digital illustration, design, film industry and video games, among other professions.