Digital Painting & Sculpture

Barcelona Art Academy is an academy that incorporates new contemporary technologies for use in the creation of an art increasingly in demand and increasing use in the fields of illustration, the film industry, animation and video games.


We nurture the academic tradition and to gain control and knowledge necessary to later adapt to any digital techniques.True to our philosophy, we consider it essential to have good control of drawing both on paper and space to work in any discipline with high standards. A good illustrator or “concept artist” has to master either the drawing before increasing your theories graduated difficulty with color, specific problems and techniques of software, just as you do not start to paint in oil well established without first steps dibujísticos. So what better way to start with a pencil and paper to learn all the concepts and theory implicit in any project to develop irrespective of the technique.

Therefore, before you begin modeling in 3D with the computer, the artist sculptor must understand the concept of volume in space and know how to do first with your hands to subsequently change the mud with software modeling.

Similarly, students who enroll in the digital painting program, learn how to draw traditionally and later switch to a digital medium and apply what they have learned.

The goal of both courses focuses on strengthening students at their base his talent of sculptors and painters with physical objects and traditional way to transfer your domain to other media, in this case digital, to implement and tablet computer all the knowledge graph.