In Academy of Art in Barcelona mean “drawing” as a word, but can go beyond all artistic thought, is a concept that can be very varied depending on multiple circumstances of the artist. Reducing however, acquired by the drawing direction in the field of fine arts, we can not dissociate three important factors: the graph, as it has the discipline and profession, the descriptive, as it relates to professionalism and symbolic, in communication line with the trait to be taken an artist.


The drawing, like painting, is therefore a form of graphic expression, which meets the objective of representing images, capturing and describing at the same time certain ideas and concepts as universal language.

The drawing is a mental act and intellectual basis of all artistic disciplines and prevails in many fields of creation in the form of the visual arts. It is an abstraction of our mind that allows you to set the appearance of the form, since the eye perceives only colored masses of varying intensity.

Represents a long, continuous learning, and its infinite and limitless path. A draw learn drawing, painting and painting.The practice is essential, yet no artist would be if at the same time not think and reason.

“To learn to draw first need to learn to see. To learn to see is first necessary to learn to look. To learn to look at is first necessary to learn to know what to look when we look. To understand what we need to learn the basic principles related to like watching. Draw is a simple process graphically interpret what we see and what we know.The knowledge and ability to learn are the factors responsible for the good pictures. The practice is responsible for the best drawings. “

Basic Rendering: Effective Drawing for Designers, Artists and Illustrators “(1991) Robert W. Gil l


Drawing is the central core of good painting and figurative sculpture. From Barcelona Art Academy give much importance to lay the necessary foundations to achieve represent what we are seeing, knowing capture and convey the excitement that each artist interprets the observed reality.

It is important to start simply, differentiated and structuring the multiple languages ​​that provides drawing as a means of expression. Just as in math begins with the addition before subtraction and multiplication, and advances in the field when the concepts are consolidated, so start by a linear precision drawing, from less to more complex, reaching the chiaroscuro drawing stained with different tonal valuations.

This practice of drawing, the student will learn over time to learn to see, analyze, specify and define what observes, affecting their ability to control and understand how and knowing it properly represent, having assimilated concepts of proportion, gesture and composition between others. Acquire both a technical control means used in the case of the drawing, coal, stylus, chalk, chalk, etc.. And know also the established order in their exact process and concrete theory of anatomy, physics of light and his translation of values ​​in objects.