As known, the formal education system was born and began drawing being a derivative of calligraphy in the ancient Middle Ages in the monasteries. He was serving a purely illustrative needs text that preceded it, with small format drawings made in the manuscripts.

It was into the fifteenth century where the artists that were hitherto considered artisans, left the practice and teaching of the monasteries, lodges and guilds to be gathered and in workshops or in the palaces of the patrons. It is at this time when the drawing begins to be considered and used as a graphic expression of concepts or projects, leading to the first art academies and new schools. It establishes rapidly across Europe specific pedagogical system, considering the drawing as the foundation in arts education . Is systematized learning program which consisted of copies of drawings or brochures, to classical statuary until the human model naturally. A perfectly sequenced program that endowed the artist best know-how and excellent technique control.


The time evolving concepts, and also the art gets its emancipation, no longer seen as a trade. Painting and drawing become more personal and free, outside and state academic standards, as required by the education system regulated by the ancient academies. But concepts through the story can become antagonistic and pass strict regulations to absolute freedom, creating a duality between an art contrary subject to certain rules and criteria and an art that rejects any coercive and restrictive approach creative freedom.

This conceptual and technical artistic freedom, teaching model that endures to this day, has resulted in the loss of the office and gradually know-how in the past so valued. The new concept and aesthetics of artistic values ​​and still is influenced by the model conception of education and teaching, living their impact to date.


At the Academy of Art in Barcelona defend academic classical art as useful educational program for any creative discipline. The academic art is not an end in itself, is a stage and a learning period for artists, where they acquire the base and subsequent control necessary to represent a vision of figurative and realistic proposals and streams harboring both as pictorial dibujísticas more modern and contemporary .

It is difficult to find today in Spain a type of education that deepens with drawing as the basis of artistic learning, affecting future quality realistic figurative art, an art that can hardly survive without a job. Are we going to invent some excuse to keep selling quality artistic figuration?

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