Painting is to be understood as a continuation of learning the art of drawing, based on their respective knowledge previously learned theory and in practice.

Only those prepared, ie the concepts that gives us the practice of drawing well learned, will be able to continue learning and expanding their knowledge in an orderly manner to the color.


Oil painting is one of the most complete visual and artistic representation. Its potential uses are vast, being able to work for such a clear liquid form to upload a stroke with dense matter. No technique wider range of values, not to mention your full color variation. This statement is equally applicable to all known painting techniques, traditional, modern and digital.So, for students who choose the digital agenda, alternate traditional painting techniques and manual mixing with digital techniques through various software.

The artist is a person able to speak with media controls and knows to communicate that speech or ideas you want to convey. In this process, the drawing is the same as the paint anatomy surgery.

Starting with practice and experimentation environment through the greyness will be added in a graded the colors, going from a limited palette traditional to obtaining a full palette of custom made to taste each student artist.


With the practice of painting, the student will learn to control a specific technical means to represent a more complete, expressive, pictorial and artistic what they see, interpret and represent. Know and master color theory, as we said, shared by all artistic techniques, digital and photographic techniques. Were joined by new concepts of temperature, hue and saturation in their vocabulary for the student is the one who control and direct their growth and artistic personality.