The Academy of Art in Barcelona is located in the premises of 750 square meters with a large area with natural light from ceiling (ideal for understanding the operation of the light).

The restaurant has two floors, separated by stairs.

First floor

At the entrance we find the gallery , which will wear samples of drawings, paintings and sculptures by students and teachers. The space of the first floor offers individualized spaces converted into compartments where each student will have a small studio shared (between 2/4 people) for the exercises of drawing and painting classes.

Second floor

On the second floor will be located sculpture classes and is the place where you will find digital classrooms and a model room. In this space we find, moreover, a living room with a small kitchen , one room preparing frames, fabrics and paintings , and a small courtyard to the bottom.

The venue will also host studies of the Academy director, Jordi Diaz Alama i Eudald sculptor Joan.

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