Regular Courses

The Academy project is scheduled planned and presented according to an academic and pedagogical method of the late eighteenth century , devised by Charles Bargue in collaboration with Jean-Leon Gerome , with special emphasis on a series of learning teaching exercises and techniques observation of representation that we have experienced teachers and practice.

Academic instruction is based on the concept of role modeling “the old” and “the natural” , ie classical statuary from antiquity to the human living model.

The way forward for the acquisition of this knowledge based on the drawing, is gradually sequenced in a program that intends to start by drawing pictures, followed by gypsum backing up to the representation of still life, alternating with practice live model drawing in brine . With an educational purpose and ordered each of the steps, the student art student must be passing and beating to complete the program and obtain a graduate degree from the school itself from the second year of study.

Promotion to each level of study depends on the successful completion of the previous level . Thus, the program adapts to the pace and needs of each individual and their progress not imposed in the context of a study group.

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