Knowing that “sculpture” means art of modeling, carving or sculpting in clay, stone or wood , and while there are many different styles that can be used, the sculpture program Barcelona Art Academy is based on the learning the technique and language of sculpture realistic and naturalistic, connecting with the strong Catalan and Spanish figurative tradition of the nineteenth and twentieth centuries.


The program provides, through clay modeling and drawing, the fundamental tools to succeed in the art of figurative sculpture, helping students to develop a look rigorous able to judge and resolve their own questions.

Our goal is to encourage students to develop their full artistic and technical skills to be critical of their own work and wondering the right questions in every state of the sculpture project.

The sculpture is drawing in space, so that the student must first learn the concepts of fit, proportion and gesture and observe precisely know what he sees to later translate into a work volume. It is essential for students to integrate the procedure that is based drawing program to understand the method sculptural Barcelona Academy of Art . Therefore, we devote three hours a day to practice drawing. Only when the student gets to do a drawing of values ​​with all their wealth of updates, be able to understand the variety of shapes, movements and subtleties that exist in one body with many views.


The methodology helps the student feel safe before each new step and every decision you make in the sculptural process will be successful. This will give you confidence in their work.

Through visual analysis training the student will get accurately represent what he sees and, consequently, have more control of their work. After acquiring this skill the artist is free to decide how to represent reality.